About Us


A group of fun-loving central PA homebrewers and good beer people. We are a social club centered on the culture of homebrewed beer. Our monthly meetings focus on sharing our homebrewed beverages and brewing experiences. We are dedicated to the preservation and sharing of knowledge and expansion of the hobby of homebrewing.


We are a diverse group of brewers with different experience levels and brewing techniques. If you are a new brewer or are just thinking about entering the hobby, you should join our club. We love to share our techniques and tricks and are always happy to see new brewers join the fold.


Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and club event notices. Come out to a meeting to check things out. If you have homebrew, bring some to share. If not, just come out and say hi. Ask for a club officer at any meeting or event to sign up to become a member.

The club Charter and Bylaws can be reviewed by clicking here.

To join, please fill out the the following short application. You have the option of paying online or in person at a meeting. If you are not sure you want to join, everyone’s welcome to attend two meetings w/o the membership fee.

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