2017 Club Meeting Schedule

Here is the preliminary event list for our 2017 meetings. Details concerning these events will be provided via newsletters and announcements at meetings. As always, for any open dates (regular meetings), we are open to ideas.

Please note locations and all meetings are now the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm!

January: Regular meeting. Location: Columbia Kettle Works

February: Stout Competition. Location: Columbia Kettle Works

March: SMASH Hop Experiment. Location: Columbia Kettle Works

April: Columbia Kettle Works Choice. Location: Columbia Kettle Works

May: Regular meeting. Location: Mad Chef Brewing

June: Garden Variety Competition (Gruit/Herb/Flower) Location: Lancaster Science Factory

July: Mad Chef’s Choice. Location: Mad Chef Brewing

August: Belgian Strong Competition. Location: Mad Chef Brewing

September: Fantasy Draft Selection. Location: Wacker Brewing Company

October: Fall Fest. Location: POUR Lancaster

November: Fantasy Draft Tournament. Location: Wacker Brewing Company

December: Holiday Party and Sour Competition. Location: Wacker Brewing Company

January: Mead/Cider/Other Competition. Location: TBD

Homebrew Hang and Lancaster Craft Beer Fest 2016

In addition to this month’s meeting at Mad Chef (Scotch Ale competition on the last Tuesday of the month), we have two other upcoming events.

August 21st, Join us at Hunger ‘n Thirst for brewing demonstrations and sampling of club brews. Sunday, noon until 6pm on the back patio. $10 for unlimited tastings.
homebrew hang hunger

August 27th, We will again be pouring club brews at the Lancaster Craft Beer Festival.

2016 Club Experiment/Competition Schedule & Results

Here is the preliminary event list for our 2016 meetings. Details concerning these events will be provided via newsletters and announcements at meetings. In addition to these meeting events, we’re working on brewery collaborations, club sponsored trips, the National Homebrewers Conference, beer festivals and non-club competitions.

January: IPA Competition
1st: Trevor Roy
2nd: Scott Riley
3rd: Frank Melvin

February: Valentine-theme brews. Hop isomerization experiment sign ups.

March: Coffee beer project presentation by Passenger Coffee.

April: Hop isomerization experiment results.

May: Unveiling of Passenger Coffee project beers.
1st: Jeremiah Eastep
2nd: Mike Domin
3rd: Trevor Roy

June: Regular Meeting. No event this month due to National Conference.

July: Session Brewing Competition at Wacker Brewing Company. All entries must be 4% or lower. Note this is a Tuesday the 26th meeting.
1st: Chris Stolz – Session IPA
2nd: Jamie Dunkleberger – Session Doppelbock
3rd: Mike Domin – Session Wheat and Mitch Romig- Session Saison (tie)
Brewers Choice (will be brewed at Wacker): Jeremy Edwards – Gluten Free Grisette

August: Scotch Ale Competition at Mad Chef Brewing Company. Note this is a Tuesday meeting.
1st: Bill Love
2nd: Mike Domin
3rd: Jeremiah Eastep
Brewers Choice (will be brewed at Mad Chef): Jeremiah Eastep

September: Fantasy Draft Selection

October: Pumpkin Competition
1st: Mike Domin
2nd: Jeremiah Eastep
3rd: Tim Ranck

November: Fantasy Draft Tournament
Winner: Karen Holman and Frank Melvin
Runner-up: Scott Riley

December: Holiday Party and Sour Competition
1st: Mike Domin
2nd (tie): Jon Briggs
2nd (tie): Tim Ranck

Fantasy Brew Draft 2015


Fantasy Brew Draft Board 2015. (Click to view larger)

Our club’s first Fantasy Brew Draft took place at our last meeting. It went very smoothly. Big thanks to everyone who helped organize and manage the draft and to the participants for playing along.

We had twelve brewers compete in the live draft. Each had the opportunity to choose nine ‘players’ for their roster. Each of these ‘players’ was a brewing ingredient. Brewers filled their rosters with ingredients from the categories of base malt, specialty malt, hop, yeast and adjunct. The resultant picks will be used each brewer to create a batch of beer.

View the complete draft results in our Fantasy Draft Forum.

The club would like to thank Wacker Brewing Company
for hosting this event.

Brewers will use their drafted ingredients to design and brew beers which will be unveiled at the November meeting. We will hold a bracket-style competition at that meeting to determine an overall winner. Each beer will go head-to-head against another beer in at least two match ups. One beer from each match up will be voted as victor (by popular vote) and will progress to the next level. Final details on bracket structure and playoff order will be posted to the forums closer to the competition.

Draft participants who wish to make a trade or waiver claim, please post your request in the forum. Thanks, and good luck!


Homebrew Hang at Hunger n Thirst

Three beers being born while others available for sampling.

Three beers being born while others available for sampling.

Thanks to all members, visitors and the really great crew at Hunger n Thirst for hosting us for the second year in a row. All-in-all three beers were brewed on three very different set-ups. There were plenty of club brews to sample along the way.

John Briggs brewed a saison while pouring plenty of other delicious brews.

John Briggs brewed a saison while pouring plenty of other delicious brews.

Mike Domin took the lead on an officer collaboration recipe loosely based on Surly "Furious" BIAB

Mike Domin took the lead on an officer collaboration recipe loosely based on Surly “Furious” BIAB

Chinook bines

The collaboration brew used club grown hops Cascade, Zeus and Chinook.


Innovation award goes to Michael S. for the one -gallon batch in a coffee perc.

Collab brew transfer to the primary.

Collab brew transfer to the primary.

In-glass randall

In-glass randall

Lesson Learned

When tasting HnT garden items. Do 2 things. 1. Be sure of what you are tasting. 2. When the club president says ‘it tastes fine’, don’t just go with that.

Thanks again everyone Cheers!

Lancaster Craft Beerfest 2015


Year three of the Lancaster Craft Beerfest is only a few weeks away! Tickets are still available and the cow will again make an appearance. Last year, we had a wide range of delicious brews. This year’s line-up is shaping up to be as good.

There is still some room if anyone wants to have their beer served or participate in any capacity. If you have a beer, but can’t attend, we’ll make arrangements to get it there and pour on your behalf. If you don’t have a beer, but would like to volunteer, we can possibly make arrangements for that as well. Previous years, wristbands/entry was provided by the organizers for those who worked the booth.

Please just contact or add directly to this form so we can plan accordingly.

See you there!

Hogs and Hops Dinner Details

Lancaster Brewers is honored to be teaming up with a great group of hosts for what promises to be a delicious event.

The event will be Sunday, June 28th.

Passenger Coffer Roaster will be hosting the event in their open and inviting space.

Rooster Street Provision’s Tony Page will be breaking down the pork portion and talking through the process through the hors d’oeuvres course.

Greenfield’s chef Rafe Hottenstein will be be creating the menu for a family style dinner.

Our club will be pouring beers to experiment and pair with the porktastic fare.

Tickets and other details here.

2015 Club Experiment/Competition Schedule and Results

Need ideas for the rest of the year? The calendar is up to date and the full schedule for the rest of 2015 is below.

All events coincide with the monthly meeting dates. Events will be the first portion of the meeting with normal proceedings afterwards. Details and any location information will be provided in the month prior (min).

May: Rye Competition
1st: Mike Domin (beer will be brewed at Wacker Brewing)
2nd: Jon Briggs
3rd: Scott Riley

June: Open (Rooster Street Pairing Dinner)
July: Kolsch Competition
1st: Mike Domin
2nd: Jeremiah Eastep
3rd: Jamie Dunkelberger

August: Coconut Experiment/Comp
1st: Mike Domin
2nd (tie): David Narkiewicz
2nd (tie): Scott Riley

September: Fantasy Brew Draft Selection
Picks: http://www.lancasterbrewers.com/boards/topic/2015-draft-results

October: Pumpkin Competition
1st: Mike Domin
2nd: Trevor Roy
2nd: Chris Stolz

November: Fantasy Brew Draft Experiment
1st: Jon Briggs
2nd: Mike Miller
(Tournament style head-to-head final results)

December: Sour Fest
1st: Jon Briggs
2nd: Mike Domin
3rd: Alex Wirth

January 2016: IPA Competition

Any feedback or questions, let us know.

Happy Brewing!

SMASH Hop Line-Up Details

Huell Melon

The April club meeting showcases eight hop varietals that aren’t typical to standard brews of any style. The club purchased the hops and members stepped-up to brew a single malt and single hop recipe. The intent is something light enough to let the hops shine through if anyone wants to get to know their flavor and aroma contributions/profiles for future brewing adventures.

The recipe (5gal):
10 lbs Pale Malt
0.75 oz hop 60 min
0.75 oz hop 20 min
1.5 oz hop 10 min
1.0 oz hop whirlpool/steep
Yeast: Whitelabs #001 California
OG: 1.50

The hop roster:
Ella (used to be called Stella)
Origin: Australia
Pedigree: Descendent of a Spalt derived male and half sister to Galaxy
Use: Aroma
Profile: Spicy, hoppy and floral with hints of anise. Reminiscent of, yet distinctly different from, noble European varieties – one of the most versatile hops available
AA range: 14-16%

Origin: Australia
Pedigree: Open pollination of a tetraploid Czech Saaz
Use: Bitter and Aroma
Profile: Balanced citrus, melon and light apricot tones. Dry hopping displays distinct stone fruit (apricot) and melon characteristics
AA range: 5.6-6.4%

Origin: New Zealand
Pedigree: Open pollination of Hallertau Mittelfrüh
Use: Aroma
Profile: Classic Hallertau character with some citrus and floral notes. A blend of old-world and new-world tastes for application in a variety of beer styles. Late additions bring characteristics of orange marmalade, while early additions yield soft, yet solid bittering qualities
AA range: 5.0-6.0%

Origin: USA
Pedigree: diploid aroma-type hop, originated from a cross between Hopsteiner breeding female 98005 and a Hopsteiner male derived from Nugget and USDA 19058m
Use: Bitter and Aroma
Profile: Dual Purpose hop with a pleasantly complex fruity, citrusy aroma, hints of pear, apple, sweet lemon lime brilliance, as well as notes of earthy tea, hints of unique tropical fruit aroma.
AA range: 12.0-14.0%

Huell Melon
Origin: Germany
Pedigree: Daughter of Cascade
Use: Aroma
Profile: Distinct fruit characteristics including honeydew melon and strawberry flavors. An excellent consideration for varieties not necessarily associated with typical hop flavors
AA range: 6.9-7.5%

Origin: USA, Oregon
Pedigree: Columbia variant from Willamette. Indie Hops in Oregon wanted to revive Columbia hops, which were bred from Willamette. The hops were tested and confirmed that they were not Columbia, but a new breed now named after the road next to their bines.
Use: Aroma
Profile: Sugary lemon, fruit punch, clean, crisp. Great for blending/accentuating other hop characteristics.
AA range: 6.0-7.0%

Origin: New Zealand
Pedigree: Released from the New Zealand Hop breeding program
Use: Bitter and Aroma
Profile: Fresh orchard fruits, specifically apricot with some resinous pine needle characteristics are noted. Lovely and pungent whiffs of ripe fruit (particularly peach) backed with bright notes of grapefruit juice, and a suggestion of tropical flowers and balsam, which can be brought closer to the front with dry hopping.
AA range: 10.0-11.0%

Origin: USA
Pedigree: Dwarf variety bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association
Use: Bitter and Aroma
Profile: Banana, pear, orange, spicy
Random fact: Jarryło is the god of fertility, heralding spring. The presented was as a barefoot young man (or more rarely a girl), in a white robe, a white horse, with a wreath on his head. attributes of deity are based or sheaf of grain in one hand and in the other a human head. Somehow that is of use 🙂
AA range: 15.0-17.0%

Sources: Hop Union, Hopsteiner, Nikobrew, BSG, Brew Dudes

Wacker Brewing Collaboration Recap

Last Saturday (1/17) the club was on hand at Wacker Brewing to create the first collaboration brew. The system is a pilot/scratch set-up within the existing brewery that will be used for plenty of one-off beers produced by Wacker in the future.

The beer, a Dopplebock on Wilbur cacao nibs will be available at the brewery. Both Wacker and LCBC will provide more details on timing and availability. A good time was had by all and we look forward to enjoying the results! Huge thank you to Michael, head brewer at Wacker for hosting and showing us the ropes.

wacker mill

Finishing up creating the grist.

Collecting mash water by committee.

Collecting mash water by committee.

Dough in courtesy of Mr. Briggs.

Dough in courtesy of Mr. Briggs.

Mr. Domin presiding over the boil.

Mr. Domin presiding over the boil.

El jefe hitting clean-up.

El jefe hitting clean-up.

Head brewer Michael checking OG

Head brewer Michael checking OG

German Lager X being pitched.

German Lager X being pitched.

Mill to fermenter with the greatest of ease ;)

Mill to fermenter with the greatest of ease 😉

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